The Environment


At Lyan Packaging we appreciate that our environment and its resources are a precious commodity that cannot be taken for granted. With that in mind, we tailor our working practices to sustain our environment, and where possible improve it.

Our industry allows us in certain cases to supply product that is made from either sustainable or recycled sources. If this is safe and practical for an application, we will always advise the customer of this environmentally sound and preferred option. Not only does this benefit the environment but it can also show the customer cost savings as the recycled option are often more inexpensive than virgin grade products.

Where feasibly possible Lyan Packaging aims to source all materials locally in a bid to reduce pollution through the transport of goods. We strive to prevent pollution, maintaining our local environment in a clean and safe manner and encourage our suppliers to do likewise. We ensure that any emissions or waste generated by our site comply with regulatory requirements. Where possible our on-site waste is sorted for recycling purposes.


  • Locally Sourced Materials and Manufacturing
  • On-Site Waste Segregation
  • Advising Customers to Help Reduce Packaging and Landfill
  • Boxes Available Made with up to 98% Recycled Material
  • Polythene Recycling Service Available (contact¬†[email protected])