Here are a few advantages of using printed tapes:

Custom printed tape can give a good impression to your customers, highlighting the professionalism of your business and giving them confidence that your attention to detail makes your company a good choice of supplier. As your parcels travel to your customers, everyone who handles the package will see your branded tape, and instantly know that your brand means business. Creating visibility for your brand is important, and with bespoke printed packaging tape, you can benefit from cost-effective marketing that everybody can see.

Your custom printed packaging tape can carry important handling information, detailing messages to couriers, whilst also acting as an effective anti-tamper measure. Printed tape that is broken or resealed is instantly identifiable.

If you don’t have the storage space available for printed boxes, then you can instead buy plain cardboard boxes and use your printed tape to identify them as belonging to your brand.

Here at Lyan Packaging we can provide you with an excellent design service so you can have all of the information, images, and colours (up top 3) that you want on your tape.

The great news is that you can now order your custom printed tape online, in a couple of very easy steps. Click here to order.