Why consistent branding matters, and how Lyan Packaging can help

A strong, clear brand that makes your company stand out is a must, but building an excellent, eye-catching brand won’t have the same impact unless it is consistently applied across everything you do, from your website and social media to your in-house documents and your product packaging.

It’s not just about cute colours and a logo that catches attention. Your brand really can make a difference to your bottom line. A great brand builds an emotional connection with your target customers, attracting them to choose you over the competition and encouraging them to make that buying decision.

Once you have your brand, however, consistent use is vital. Most large companies have a branding manual which covers how to use the logo, the palette of colours the business uses, acceptable fonts, brand voice, and a whole lot more.

And the reason for that is that impressions matter, especially first impressions.

When your new customer receives a box from you, with their order inside, that has been delivered in excellent condition, that’s their first impression of your goods ‘in the flesh,’ not just from what they’ve seen on the website.

Obviously, your product must be able to stand on its own and make a good impression, but the packaging needs to add to that impression. The delivery boxes you choose represent your company to your customers, just as much as your marketing materials or your staff uniform, and it is of paramount importance that they look the part.

Lyan Packaging can offer bespoke branding on boxes from quantities of 500+ so that you can continue your branding all the way from website to doorstep.

We understand that your image matters, and that high-quality goods from a quality company must be delivered in a box that matches that quality and enhances the presentation.

When designing a branded box, we take our customers through a well-established process that ensures production of a box that presents our client as they want to be seen, with a crisply printed, smart, and clear copy of their logo.

We use a trusted, quality company that takes the design process through from start to finish, from the initial design, to suggestions and amendments, and on to confirmation of the final design and the printing of it onto our boxes, with quality checks along the way to ensure a perfect finish.

Our customers receive a perfectly branded box that continues the impression they want to create and promotes brand recognition, and their customers see a smart, professional, attractive box, before they open it to see the high-quality goods inside.

If you’d like to discuss branding options with our team, get in touch on 01978 661247.